Man arrested after allegedly firing at man and 3-year-old daughter in case of road rage

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CONROE, Texas– A man is under arrest after allegedly shooting multiple times at a man and his 3-year-old daughter during a road rage incident Thursday.

According to Montgomery County Pct. 4 deputies, 21-year-old Brandon Ogden, of Lumberton, Texas, drove past the victim and his daughter blowing an air horn that was installed on top of his truck. Ogden continued down the roadway blowing his air horn and swerving toward the victim’s vehicle.

At some point, both vehicles pulled to the side of the road and during an exchange of words, Ogden pulled out a gun and pointed it toward the head of the victim.

Both men got back into their vehicles, with Ogden continuing to follow the other driver.

When the victim slowed to allow Ogden to pass, Ogden pointed his pistol out of the driver’s side window and began to fire.

During the investigation, deputies located a semi-automatic handgun in the passenger seat of Ogden’s truck, matching the description given by the victim.  Ogden was placed in custody for deadly conduct and reckless driving; both misdemeanors.