Caught on Camera: Supposed bounty hunters allegedly assault an ‘unwanted’ man in his driveway

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HUMBLE, Texas -- An outrageous confrontation caught on camera in a family's front yard as a couple of apparent 'bounty hunters' attempt to haul in a man they claimed was on their 'wanted' list.

"I told 'em, 'Can you identify yourself?' They didn't," 22-year-old Keemo Fell recalled. "He forces me out, he pulls me by my shirt. He turns me around, throws me against my car. He forces me in handcuffs."

"And now my dad has a broken rib. And then my mom ended up having a stroke," Keemo's wife, Hoda, said.

During the dramatic video, she can be heard frantically screaming on the phone with a 911 operator, "They're just hitting my husband, they're not even cops! They're hitting him with a weapon! Hurry! They keep hitting my husband!"

"They pepper-sprayed us! Why you pepper-spraying me?" Fell questioned. "I'm already handcuffed!"

A family member filming the shocking ordeal gives a play-by-play account during the video....."They tackled him, they sprayed him, they even try to shoot him with a gun."

This quiet neighborhood was rocked by these supposed bounty hunters.....who did this to a man who wasn't even wanted by the cops!

"When I heard the scream outside, I got outside. I saw the two guys with the handguns aimed on their heads," Hoda's father, Neil Kasem, shared.

Kasem says he suffered fractured ribs after the bounty hunters attacked him.

"They pushed me, he punched me, and push. he said, 'Back off!' and they start talking really bad," Kasem related.

He says he tried to reason with the two men, but they were out of control.

"Trying to tell them 'okay, let's wait till we call the law.' You know, we will call the police, when they come in-- they can sort this out. They wouldn't listen," he insisted.

The Precinct 4 Constable's Office declined to comment since the whole matter is under investigation.

But this devastated family remains traumatized by the entire episode.

"Physical scars, mental scars," Fell revealed. "That was a day we're never gonna forget."

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