Facebook plans to build huge community, this time offline!

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MENLO PARK, CA -- While Google's building up their headquarters in Mountain View, California, just 20 minutes down the highway,  Facebook is loading something pretty huge in Menlo Park.

Facebook's calling their new project a  "village." It will reportedly feature 125,000 square feet of retail space featuring a grocery store, pharmacy, and more. This won't only add to the company's perks, but it'll also cater to the community!

Their plan is to offer housing at below market rate to the people who work and live around its headquarters. But don't expect to move to this village this year; Facebook expects the project won't be completed until after 2021.

So,  if you ever thought Facebook would die like MySpace did, this master plan might make you reconsider.

Check out Facebook's official video announcement below:

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