Survey shows men, Republicans, Northerners best tippers

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HOUSTON-- We all know the feeling of trying to decide how much of a tip to leave at the end of a meal.

"I usually leave 20 percent. They're all working for tips so that's how they make a living," Jim Lockhart said.

"I leave 20 percent minimum. I used to wait tables for years and $2.13 an hour does not pay the bills. Most people do not realize that's what a server makes. They depend wholly on tips. If you can't afford a tip, then don't go out to eat," Jaki Gray said.

A new survey from reveals that men, Republicans and people from the northeast tend to be the best tippers, leaving a median 20 percent tip.

Compare that to women, Democrats and Southerners, who tend to leave a median of 15 to 16 percent.

NewsFix took the question to streets and received mixed reviews.

"I do think men are better tippers than women," Gray said.

"Have you heard about fake news? I mean Democrats tip just as much as Republicans do. Seems like Republicans would rather keep a hold of their money so they tip less," Lockhart said.

From a restaurant’s perspective, they say they expect between 18 and 20 percent for their wait staff.

Aaron Pando is the assistant manager at Tango & Malbec Restaurant. Pando has worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. He said there’s no better place to work as a waiter than right here in the US!

"I’ve been taking care of people from all over the world and to be honest, Americans are the ones that tip the best," Pando said.

The survey says roughly half of customers leave between 16 and 20 percent but nearly one out five customers admit to snubbing the wait staff every once in awhile.

The next time you head out to grab a bite, just remember this-- the federal minimum wage for tipped employees stands at just $2.13.

So cut em a little slack.