Lindsay Lohan suffers social media backlash after tweeting support for Trump

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - It was the patriotic tweet heard round the world and now Lindsay Lohan is paying the price for her tweet asking Americans to trust in President Trump.

First, Lohan tweeted "This is our president. Stop bullying him and start trusting him. Thank you personally for supporting the USA."

Then, Lohan also tweeted that 'The Donald,' his son-- Don, Jr., daughter Ivanka, and First Lady Melania are "kind people. As an American, why speak poorly of anyone?"

Well, needless to say the new #TeamTrump Lindsay isn't exactly going over too well on Twitter!

One tweet asks, "How am I supposed to recover from this?"

Another tweet states, "Lindsay was hacked."


But not everyone is a Lindsay hater.

Some on Twitter are backing the red-headed starlet like this tweet, "Well said, Lindsay! When our president succeeds we succeed!"

That might be true, but don't expect another 'Mean Girls' sequel to hit theaters anytime soon!

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