Massachusetts man takes ax to radio station to request his favorite song

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MEDFORD, Mass. - An ax-wielding music fan in Massachusetts would not take 'no' for an answer when he wanted to hear his favorite band, Insane Clown Posse!

The 38-year-old fan had a plan when he arrived at a local radio station and he wasn't clowning around when he requested the song, 'My Axe.'

"He had a knife up against his neck and a couple other knives in the car as well," witness Greg Gross said.

"He's got a knife and an ax. Knife in his mouth and ax in his hand. And he doesn't want to stop," a police radio dispatch said.

"He threw an ax about yay-big on the ground outside his vehicle," Gross said.

Instead of humoring the fan, cops showed up and a three-hour standoff began.

"Oh no! No! Don't fight him, don't fight him!" an onlooker called out who was filming the intense encounter.

One thing about ICP fans, they're also known as 'juggalos!'

Juggalos are fans with an undying obsession for Insane Clown Posse music and everything that comes with it.

And juggalos love their hatchet gear.

"He missed getting tazed," one witness said. "He got bean-bagged, I believe or a rubber bullet round in his chest."

In the end, cops said this was a mental health incident though they admit the juggalo didn't throw any weapons at anyone.

"Peaceful resolution for everybody involved," Lieutenant Joseph Casey of the Medford Police Department said. "And nobody got seriously injured and we're grateful for that."

Maybe now this juggalo can hear his song in the mental ward!

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