Tech giants unite against proposed changes to net neutrality

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HOUSTON - Did you notice a little more action online? Reddit, Facebook, Google, Amazon, AirBnB, Twitter, Snapchat and more all united as part of a 'day of action' protest against the FCC.

More specifically, the protest was against the Federal Communication Commission's proposed changes to Obama-era net neutrality policy.

Right now, every site should load at the same rate depending on the speed of your internet. All sites get equal access to you, me and everybody else.

But if the FCC changes go through, companies could be forced to pay more for higher speed delivery of things like video, or credit card transactions.

Houston Community College’s Douglas Rowlett, Dean of Digital and Information Technology, tried to break it down for us.

“The proposed changes are going to impose different speed limits for different people according to how much money they want to pay. That just means that the cost of services is going to go up. It means that your movies are going to cost more, it means that you might have to pay a bit more when you buy something from Amazon or something like that,” Rowlett says.

Proponents for the changes say that net neutrality lowers investment in the telecomm industry. They say that's why it's so hard to get good internet in rural America.

Ok... But if the cost of these new rates are just going to be passed on down to us, who is going to be able to afford these changes anyway?!