Former NFL player helps high school athletes reach top running speeds

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HUMBLE, Texas- Former NFL running back Derrick Blaylock knows speed is one of the most important things in sports.

"Speed is the 'X-Factor,' the one thing everyone is trying to get," Blaylock said.

At his gym in Humble, Armed Sports Performance, Blaylock trains athletes of all ages, but one of his specialties is speed training.

"One of the training techniques we use is called over-speed training. You push the body to the max. You over train the body taking it faster than the body thinks it can go."

This summer, he's been able to help Atascocita High School track athletes Winter Bogan and Tatiana Delgado run up to 20 mph.

"I didn't think I could do this," Bogan said. " If you would've told me a month ago I'd be going that fast, I wouldn't have believed it."

Blaylock makes it clear that the athletes build up to the high speeds and the trainers are always working diligently to prevent injuries.

With Blaylock's training these students may be Olympics bound.