Critter News: Gang of goats, Twerkin kitty and Larry the snail

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SUFFOLK COUNTY, New York - A gang of goats decided to vandalize a business near Denver and the whole escapade was caught on camera.

"And then he left, and then he came back and decided to break the other side, too," Greg Cappert, an engineer at Kryptan Systems said after a goat spent 20 minutes ramming his horns into the front glass door of the business. "I don't know why? That was just to be mean, I guess."

Even the dispatching officers were left amused.

"We understand the description is, he's very hairy, had some large horns and uh, possibly hooved," laughed Commander Jeff Fisher of the Louisville Police Department in the small Denver suburb. "The suspect, we understand, is still at large."

And here's a kitten in Pittsburgh with lots of moves!

This is 'Twerk the Cat.'

"Twerk here is a special needs cat," Humane Animal Rescue Shelter Director Dan Rossi said. "She has a condition that is very similar to what you may see in humans called cerebral palsy, where something happened during the development process to her brain."

But the good news is little Twerk is expected to live a full life and she just got adopted to a forever home!

Last but certainly not least, meet 'Larry the snail.' Larry is the official winner of the  World Snail Racing Championship in England.

Larry's championship time for the 13-inch course was 2 minutes and 47 seconds.

"Now, Larry's a champion!" his proud owner proclaimed.

Way to pick up the pace, Larry!

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