Highway to Hell: State Highway 146

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HOUSTON-- It appears some local businesses are at a bit of a crossroads in Seabrook, thanks to an expansion project to widen State Highway 146 from six lanes to 12.

The road runs from Livingston all the way to Baytown and south of that you find the small community of Seabrook.

Residents refer to the small thoroughfare as Bayport Boulevard, but soon enough a more appropriate name might be “The Highway to Hell.”

We made our way to business after business and found that most of the 60 businesses are not excited about having to move and make way for “progress."

So fasten your seat belts, set the cruise at 35 and let's ride down what's sure to be the most frustrating stretch of road for many years to come.

Highway 146, is today's Inside Story from the pages of Houstonia.

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