Music Poll: Hip-hop, R&B surpass rock in popularity for the first time ever

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HOUSTON — Hip-hop and R&B has come a long way.  According to Nielsen Music numbers, it’s now surpassed rock as the most listened to music genre in America!

Hip-hop and R&B are now responsible for a 25 percent of all music consumed in the United States, with rock slipping down to 23 percent.

Houston Hip-hop artist Guilla is a fan of both genres.

“I listened to a lot of rock growing up; I grew up on System of a Down, Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine. I was part of that generation. I guess, that’s like ‘new metal’ and stuff. I tried to continue to listen but there hasn’t been any like super dope rock albums that have dropped as of recent, but there’s been a lot of hip hop,” Guilla said.

Streaming is a big part of that!

“I blame it more on access to music. Before it would take months or years for certain genres to reach around the world, now it’s like yo, like ‘oh dang I’m going to put it on random on my Spotify, oh wow this sounds kinda tight,” Guilla said.

In fact, this song you’ve heard just about everywhere, Despacito by Luis Fonsi, is now the most streamed song ever! It has even surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

But with albums like Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn.” being the top selling album, sounds like rock artists will have to turn it up if they want to reclaim the throne!

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