Tropical Storm Don creates a shower of presidential memes raining down on Twitter

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THE ATLANTIC OCEAN - As soon as social media got wind of Tropical Storm Don forming in the Atlantic, President Trump memes began forming at gale-force levels and Twitter quickly became the epicenter of meme central.

Twitter user Joe Passantino tweeted:  "Tropical Storm Don not expected to become a hurricane, will dissipate within 72 hours. Low energy. Sad!"

The tweet references Trump's description of Jeb Bush, one of his opponents on the campaign trail.  Then candidate Trump said, "Jeb bush is a low energy person."

A Tweet from bananymous:  "Tropical Storm Don is headed for Mexico. Will become a hurricane if they refuse to pay for the wall."


Though some social media savvy storm watchers were quick to make comparisons, others wonder whether the name really has anything to do with the Commander in Chief.  Fact is, the National Hurricane Center keeps six lists of names that are reused every six years. When a weather event causes major damage members of the World Meteorological Organization take a vote.  In 2011, they voted to replace Dennis with the name Don.

Tweeters may hope to convince us this storm named Don is kismet, but in reality, the name similarity is just a coincidence.


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