Houston World Series of Dog Show

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HOUSTON-- The world series is in town.
The Houston World Series of Dog Show, that is.

"This is our 40th anniversary show, we started back in 1977 at the old Astrohall, we were a little bitty show with only eight hundred entries and we've grown to over two thousand since then," said Tom Pincus, Chairman, Houston World Series of Dog Show.

Dogs from all over the world pack NRG, competing in performance events like the barn hunt, conformation judging, and agility courses.

Seventeen year old Anneka Dahle knows her way around a dog show, she's been competing with her dog tucker for 13 years.

"I am the youngest in AKC to ever earn a title,  I was four years old, my very first agility run was when I was three. I enjoy the dog competitions because of the team work and the special bond that build between you and your dog. They get to have fun and you as a handler get to have fun, and it's just a blast, said Anneka Dahle.

Tucker may be an old dog, but he still has quite a few tricks up his sleeve.

The fun doesn't stop with the competitions. This dog show is filled with pup themed markets for shopping and you can stop by the palace of Pug Hearts to rub a pug or two.

The Houston World Series of Dog Show's is happening now through Sunday.

Betcha can't pet just one!