Day in the Life: Famed Houston chef, restaurateur Monica Pope

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HOUSTON -- She made her name as a chef and has become an attention-getting restaurateur. Monica Pope is a multi-faceted woman whose roots are deep with food. NewsFix spent "a day in the life" with the Houston chef, who's all about the local love.

"I opened up my first restaurant basically 25 years ago. It is amazing to go to the Farmer's Market and see something new and flavorful. You can't get it anywhere else," she said. "I have to get there between 8 and 9 (a.m.) or I'm going to miss something, especially if I have an event."

Pope says oftentimes, she runs into familiar faces, and stops by her favorite tables  -- Plan it Forward, Doss Brisas and Animal Farm --  where she  always comes up with something unique to buy.

"I don't go looking for something, I remember what was there and then I design a menu," she explained. "Oftentimes, I have to steal a crate, which I return."

She then takes all her goods to her studio to prepare for her cooking classes.

"I've been doing these classes since 2009. It's a blast, it's fun and sometimes everybody's had a lot to drink but it's amazing and I get epiphanies watching people," she said.

Cooking, Pope says, is about relationships.

"It's a relationship with yourself, with your family, with your farmers, with the community, with the customer," Pope said. "And I'd want to support a chef who, I think, I believe, is supporting the local food scene."