Monica Abbott’s million-dollar arm provides plenty of thrills for Scrap Yard Dawgs

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CONROE, Texas — When Monica Abbott became the first female athlete to be offered a $1 million contract, the Scrap Yard Dawgs felt a little extra pressure.

"I thought, wow, the weight of the world is on me, because so many people now know," Abbott said. "So many people, looked at me to be that voice of change for female athletics. As the contract's gone on, I've realized it's such an honor to be that person, but more importantly there's a huge amount of support out there."

A year into her contract with the Scrap Yard Dawgs, a professional softball team in Conroe, Abbott still loves the thrill of pitching.

"When I step in that circle, my mindset is to just bring it with everything I have, put on my best performance, put on a show for my team, and most importantly, put on a show for the fans. I want to give them that wow effect."

Abbott says going to Dawgs games is good family fun, and she points out that after the game fans are encouraged to stay to get autographs and photos.