Three Palestinians killed, dozens injured in clashes with Israeli troops in Jerusalem

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JERUSALEM, Israel - Tensions are running high in the holy city of Jerusalem, where three Palestinians have been killed and several dozen injured in clashes with Israeli troops.

The latest conflict is over Israeli metal detectors set up at a Jerusalem shrine.

After morning prayers, Palestinian stone-throwers and other Muslim protesters began demonstrations against Israeli troops in the walled Old City of Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Israeli officials installed the metal detectors to help shield against further Palestinian attacks after three Arab-Israelis killed two Israeli policemen in an attack from a holy shrine a week ago.

"All Palestinians, whether Muslims or Christians, are now prevented from freedom of prayer," a Palestinian legislator-- Mustafa Barghouti-- announced.

According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, 41 Palestinians were taken to hospitals with injuries from live bullets, rubber bullets and beatings in the conflict.

They also report about 150 Palestinians were treated for inhaling tear gas.

Israel has stated the metal detectors will stay, but a top Muslim cleric has suggested he expects a "long test of wills" with Israel.

The holy shrine in question is revered by both Muslims and Jews.

But early Friday, Israel had restricted Muslim access to the shrine area, even setting up checkpoints and turning away Muslim men under the age of 50.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called on the United States to "intervene urgently," even reportedly telling top Trump Adviser-- Jared Kushner-- the situation is "extremely dangerous and may go out of control."