Houston Press Best of Houston® names Burger Chan restaurant home of the Best Milkshakes

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HOUSTON-- If the summer time heat has got you down in the  dumps, a nice cold milkshake might help lift your spirits.

Good thing The Houston Press has named the milkshake at 'Burger Chan,' formerly 'Kuma Burgers,' the best milkshake in Houston!

The Milo, is considered the best on the menu.

“It begins with our ice cream base, which we make in house. Once that's made, chilled, it goes in the machine, where it needs to churn for a little bit. Shake order comes in, we dispense maybe a third of a cup mix and then we add in whichever flavor that they want. There is a wand on there that we use to distribute it and then we just top it off, distribute it a little more with the wand and then whip cream and cherry on top, and it's good to go,” said Willet Feng from Burger Chan.

So a good shake needs whip cream and a cherry, or does it?

“I don't think a milkshake needs whip cream. We offer it, because a lot of people do like whip cream,' Feng said.

Let's move on to fry dipping? Yay or nay?

“I am pro dip. When i just so happen to have fries and a shake together, kinda the saltiness of the fries and the sweetness of the shake work really well together,” Feng said.

You can get just about any seasonal toppings on your milkshake from strawberries to corn.

“Most people that try it, they're converted,” said Feng.

And you might have guessed by the name, they make a lot more than milkshakes at Burger Chan.

Their burgers, fish and hot dogs are deeeeeeeelicious and the fries are amazing!

The restaurant is located inside Greenway Plaza Building 3, but don't let that stop you from visiting for lunch. They've got a video on their Facebook telling you how to get inside and yes, they validate parking for up to two hours.


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