Humble ranked number one for most authentic Mexican restaurants per capita in country

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HOUSTON-- We just can't seem to get enough Mexican food in Texas.

"I just like it all, I eat it about three times a week at least," Patrick Brink said.

"It's the flavor and the taste and all the different kinds of food you can get," Josie Paramo said.

Just about any corner you turn around here, there's another restaurant oozing with all the tortillas, chips and salsa you could ever dream of, so we've gotta hold the top spot right?!

Well, not according to numbers from data company, Datafiniti.

Houston ranks number four behind Chicago, New York and Los Angeles for having the most Mexican restaurants. But our neighbors to the north are holding it down for us.

Humble takes the queso with the most authentic, non-chain Mexican restaurants per capita-- in the country! Datafiniti says there's about seven Mexican food joints for every 10,000 Humble residents.

Family-owned restaurant Taqueria La Lupita said with competition that stiff, it's hard to break into the Humble market as a small business that's only been operating for two years.

"There are so many Mexican restaurants around here so people have high expectations. Some people they tell us flat out they're afraid to try something new. But once they try us, they keep coming back," restaurant manager Eloy Valdez said.

The family relies mostly on loyal customers to return at their daily brunch hour to get a bite of their specialty breakfast tacos, home-cooked by the owner herself, with authentic flavors that hail from their hometown.

"We are from State of Puebla. We have some customers that like our dishes. They say they've only tried it in Mexico so they love it when they get it over here," Valdez said.

But as everyone knows, it's not about the quantity-- it's the quality!

Customers at Taqueria La Lupita said this place is up to par.

"I'm a frequent customer here. I come here about once every two weeks. I love their breakfast tacos and the scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and their flour tortilla-- it's spot on," Brink said.

"My husband and I love coming here for breakfast. We come maybe about once a week. It's the best place we've tried around here so we love it," Paramo said.

The data also ranks Spring as the third city with the most authentic Mexican restaurants per capita.

So if you're on that never-ending quest to find the best Mexican food, you may want to venture outside the Houston city limits!