Alice Cooper discovers rare Warhol painting worth millions tucked away in old storage room

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Legendary rocker Alice Cooper recently uncovered an original Andy Warhol painting that he forgot was in his possession.

The shocking image of an electric chair had been rolled up in an LA storage room for 40 years.

Cooper's girlfriend bought the silkscreen painting called 'Little Electric Chair' as a birthday present in 1974 for about $2,500, but some art experts think the unsigned painting is now worth over $10 Million.

Cooper didn't even know he still had the painting!

A friend reminded him about it over dinner about four years ago, but it wasn't until cleaning out a storage space of old tour props that Alice made the amazing discovery.

Cooper and Warhol were friends back in the Studio 54 era of New York City.

These days Cooper is a successful businessman and shock-jock doing a national hard rock radio show.

Cooper and Deep Purple are scheduled to visit Houston next month as a part of their summer tour.