British biologist: Robots could ‘threaten humanity’ in the next few years!

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LONDON-- According to a British evolutionary biologist Dr. Ben Garrod robots could 'threaten humanity' in the next few years and become physically stronger than humans.

Garrod claims even though humans have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years robots are just bulldozing their way through our society and culture.

Garrod is taking part in a new documentary focusing on the evolution of robots.

As one robot in the documentary tells him, "I like to think of robots as the children of humanity and like children, we are full of potential for good or evil."

During the BBC special, a robot designer even poses next to a creation of himself showing it's hard to tell who is the human and who is the robot!

Garrod said what still separates man from machine is consciousness, but once robots can think like us, Garrod said it could all be over for the human race!

A British electronics engineer agrees, saying robots are certainly going to change our place in the world and "we need to be responsible to make sure that we stay in control."

"I know some people are afraid of robots, but the truth is what we become is up to you," the robot tells Garrod in the documentary.

All parties seem to agree that like it or not the robots are coming.

Let's just hope their creation is for good and not evil!