California whiskey-maker uses music to make whiskey taste better

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SEBASTOPOL, Calif. - A craft whiskey-maker in California is leading the way with music barreling at his distillery.

"We've been pumping music into a few very select barrels for a few years now," Timo Marshall, co-owner of Spirit Works, said. "It's been an interesting experiment for us."

There's actually a barrel jamming to Michael Jackson "This one's just pure Led Zeppelin," Marshall said."

The barrels listen to the same tunes for three years.

"Listening to the same playlist for three years in a row, you're either gonna go crazy or become like a genius, right?" Spirit Works head distiller Lauren Patz asked. "So, let's hope for a little bit of both!"

Turns out there is a method to the madness because whiskey gets its taste from the wood barrels it lives in for years and that taste can be affected by sound vibrations.

One of the best-tasting barrels actually listened to 'The Nutcracker' for three years.

"Different set of beats, different rhythm," Marshall said. "Classical music, for example, is very varied."

So, to each his own.

In the meantime, they'll keep rockin' and making musical whiskey!