Constables speak out after viral video shows Houston teen allegedly harassed by officer while mowing lawns

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HOUSTON--  Houston Constables held a press conference Wednesday to address a recent video of an officer allegedly harassing a teen as he mowed lawns in a neighborhood.

The two-minute viral video shows a young man, who identifies himself as Marvin Gibson, 18, cutting grass in a neighborhood when he is approached by a police officer who begins to question him.

“When an officer asks you for your ID, you’re supposed to provide your ID. You don’t have your ID. I don’t care what you’re doing,” the cop said.

Gibson informs the officer that he does not have his ID on him, but he did have his business cards.

"We're cutting grass, sir. You're harassing us," said Gibson.

"When I saw you, you were going door-to-door-to-door," the cop said.

Gibson responded by asking the officer for his card, but was met with handcuffs.

"I tell you what, turn around and put your hands behind your head," said the officer.

The video captures Gibson walking away before it ends. The video was later posted to Twitter with a caption that read: "Can't even do something productive without being messed with and attacked by the police.... watch the whole video."

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