Wing Stop or I’ll shoot! Employee chases robbery suspect and opens fire

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HOUSTON - A robbery suspect chose the wrong restaurant to target for some quick cash and received a bullet from an employee for his trouble.

According to police,  a masked man walked into a Wing Stop on Scott St. near the University of Houston Tuesday night and demanded cash.

Corey Martin was eating in the restaurant when it all went down. "I don't know if he had a gun or not, but he forced everyone to the ground, went up to the registers, tried to get the money," said Martin. "We all ran to the back of the restroom when we heard gunshots."

After the coast was seemingly clear, Martin emerged from the restroom and found the employee back inside the restaurant. "I saw that a guy  behind the register had a gun on him and said that he had hit the guy and he said he was up the street bleeding at a bus stop and by then the police were outside already."

Police say the suspect was given around $350 and left, but an employee gave chase with a gun and at one point the employee fired multiple shots, one of which hit the suspect. "The suspect who went inside was found a couple of blocks away," said Detective Samuel Spurlock of the Houston Police Department. "He did have a single gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital for treatment of the injury."

The suspect will be facing charges after he's released from the hospital, but it's not clear whether or not the employee who fired the shots will face charges as well. That will likely be left up to a grand jury to decide.