Sperm count drops 59% in western civilizations

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HOUSTON — Men, it's time to have an uncomfortable conversation about your little swimmers. Yes, we're talking about your sperm count.

It's a medical issue, not a measure of how much of a 'man' you are, so you should get it tested!

“Guys need to understand that a simple semen sample gives us a lot of information, it’s very important not to be embarrassed about producing that sample,” says Dr. Russel Williams, a Urologist in Houston.

New analysis of over 40 years of research shows that men across western civilizations have had a 59 % decline in overall sperm count. If that wasn't bad enough, another 52% drop in sperm concentration.

This drop has guys everywhere a little nervous about their fully functional fertilization factories.

The new report analyzed nearly 200 studies of over 42,000 men didn't call out what was responsible for the drop, but experts say chemicals in our food may play a role including the way we store it, and how we heat it.

“Taking concerns about microwaving food in Tupperware like plastics, that might leech out some of these endocrine disruptors and then also looking for labels on meats and milk that would suggest that no antibiotics or hormones have been used in the production of this product,” says Dr. Williams.

There are behavior changes you can make to boost your little buddies, and if you`re looking to have kids in the near future, you might want to get to steppin' (cause obesity is a big factor too), be a little more selective of what you`re eating and make sure to heat up the leftovers in something other than plastic.

Stay away from the  aluminum foil as well, but for completely different reasons.