11 captured, 1 escapee still on the loose after escaping Walker County Jail

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JASPER, Ala. - Eleven down, one to go in a jailbreak that a dozen prisoners managed on Sunday night!

Brady Andrew Kilpatrick, 24, is still on the loose. He, along with 11 other jailbirds, escaped the Walker County Jail in Jasper, Alabama.

Off-duty personnel were called in and law enforcement were able to recapture all but Kilpatrick, including an inmate awaiting trial for attempted murder.

Residents in the area are being warned to lock their doors, keep their outside lights on, and spill the beans if they know anything regarding Kilpatrick’s whereabouts. There`s also a $500 reward for whoever sings first.

This comes on the heels of a video, released last week, showing three Orange County prisoners escaping a jail in Santa Ana from January 2016.

Those escaped prisoners got busted, too, and now face even more charges.

For now, keep an eye out for Kilpatrick because it`s eight hours and change from Jasper, Alabama to the Texas border, so stranger things have happened.