Newborn twins’ mother dies the same day their father is laid to rest

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WEST PALM BEACH, Florida - It's an unimaginable tragedy.  Just three days before becoming a father of twins, Jevaughn Suckoo, 26, was murdered in the apartment he shared with his pregnant girlfriend Stephanie Caceres, 24, and their two-year-old daughter.  No one has been arrested, yet.

The day after giving birth, Stephanie posted on Facebook, she didn`t understand how someone can have the heart to leave three kids without a father. Especially, two that never even got the chance to meet him.

Days after delivering healthy twins by c-section, and while funeral arrangements were being made for Jevaughn, the unthinkable happened. Stephanie developed an infection.  With her newborn son and daughter still in the hospital nursery, Stephanie was moved to the ICU.

Despite her tragic loss, Stephanie`s family says all she wanted was to be a mother. She fought hard, but the young mother died the same day the young father was laid to rest.  The grandparents are starting over, now, by raising their grandchildren and keeping the parents' memories alive.

The community is in shock, doing what it can to help three children who lost both parents within weeks of one another.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for little Kailainee and her newborn twin brother and sister.  Donations of formula, diapers, clothing and toys have been pouring in from across Florida.

One good Samaritan says, ""I had to. I just want them to know their tragedy has hit everybody. Every community."

Two year-old Kailinee is a protective big sister to Jevaughn, Jr. and Laila Stephanie.  Both babies were named for the parents they`ll never know.