Transgender man gives birth to son in Oregon

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PORTLAND, Ore. —  A transgender man is welcoming his newborn son into the world.  Two-week old baby Leo is the first biological child for Trystan Reese and his husband, Biff Chaplow. The couple also has two adopted children.

"I would say it's unique," said Reese. "I understand that people are not used to two men having a biological child between the two of them, so we know it's unique."

For the longest time it seems, women have cornered the baby market.  But the times; they are a-changin`! It's not so much about modern medicine as it is about modern family.  Pregnancy can be a little more complicated.

Reese says his road to getting pregnant was rocky. The last time he tried, he had a miscarriage. This time, things turned out much better, and the couple couldn't be happier.

"The moment he was born was just like a pure moment of bliss,"  Chaplow said.

And just two weeks after his trans-special delivery, Reese looks like he's already back to his pre-pregnancy weight. Ask anyone who's ever given birth, that might be considered some sort of miracle!