Last of 12 inmates who used peanut butter to escape Alabama jail has been caught

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MARTIN COUNTY, Florida -- Police in Florida have bailed an Alabama jail out of a sticky situation by capturing the final inmate who escaped by using peanut butter to trick a guard into opening a door to the outside.

Brady Kilpatrick, 24, was arrested Tuesday night in Martin County, more than 700 miles away from the Alabama jail from which he escaped. He was one of 12 inmates who was able to walk right out the door Sunday after an inexperienced guard accidentally opened it.

The inmates were able to take advantage of a new hire without much experience who had been stationed in the jail's control room. They covered up part of an inmate's cell door number with peanut butter so that it match the number of another door that opened to the outside. Then, they called out to the guard to open the door and he did. "I'm not going to make any excuses," said Walker County Sheriff Jim Underwood. "It was human error."

Eleven of the twelve inmates were captured within 8 hours of their escape, but Kilpatrick was able to slip away and spend a few days on the run. Florida law enforcement officials along with the FBI tracked him to Martin County before making their move to take him down.

Now that he's back in police custody, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says Kilpatrick won't be going anywhere. "I don't like to brag, but we've  never had an escape from the Martin County Jail," said Snyder. "And I can tell you this: he's not getting peanut butter."