Passengers trapped aboard grounded airplane for nearly 6 hours call 911 for help

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OTTOWA, Canada -- Passengers on a flight from Brussels to Montreal got a serious case of cabin fever after bad weather diverted the plane to Ottawa.  Hundreds of passengers were stuck on the tarmac for six hours!

As the hours wore on, so did passenger patience.

"It got to a point where people started getting like angry and were yelling at the flight attendants to like open the doors," says passenger Laura Mah.   She says they received very little information about what was happening and why. Plus, the plane was running out of food, water and AC.

Around the fourth hour, some passengers called 911. Emergency services and airport staff brought bottled water, but there was another glitch.  No loading bridges or stairs.   Air Transat blamed the airport authority --- and airport authority blamed the airline. Either way, the passengers were trapped.

Krista Kealey with the Ottawa International Airport Authority said, "The airport does not decide when an aircraft is deplaned. We don't have that right. The airline owns the aircraft."

Finally, after being grounded for nearly six hours, the passengers finally heard the four words they'd been waiting for: "We've been cleared for take-off!"