Creeper alert! 78-year-old man gets banned from beaches after handing out “sugar baby” applications

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DAYTONA BEACH, FL - Creeper alert! An elderly man approaching teen girls, offering to be their sugar daddy, is paying the consequences of his 'pervy' little stunt.

For the next six months, a 73-year-old-man is banned from all Volusia County beaches after handing out businesses cards to teens reading: "Sugar Daddy Seeking his Sugar Baby." The old man was also wearing a shirt saying "Ask Me About Your Monthly Allowance."

The man, who agreed to talk to a local Florida news station as long as he was kept anonymous, says he did it for fun.

He says he would pose for pictures with girls on the beach for social media, but meant no harm. "We had like 78 likes, which is the most likes I've ever had in my life, on my Facebook page."

Karolina Seaman, the mother of a 16-year-old-girl who was approached by the beach creep says there is nothing to like about what he did to her child.

Seaman says the man approached her daughter saying "I'm looking for my Cinderella."  The mother described the uncomfortable encounter.

"[He] takes this padding and places it up against her breast without actually touching her, but as close as he can get, because she backed away and says it looks like you would be a perfect fit," the woman said.

Worst of all, he says he knew the girl was underage. "I am so embarrassed over this. I understand the mother getting upset . . . I was giving her a compliment, she was the cutest one."

What a weirdo.

To top it off, he says he does not even make enough money to support a sugar baby in the first place.

Pretty disturbing . . . this man really crossed the line. In the end, all he got was banned from the sand!