Is shooting home invaders dangerous? Number of victims fighting back on the rise

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HOUSTON - Home protection's really a hot topic these days, especially after the number of home invasions interrupted by victims wielding a gun.

Just recently, in Katy, a 60-year-old woman fired her weapon in self-defense, leaving one robber dead in the front yard.

And in northeast Houston, a man shot and killed a suspect breaking into a family member's home next door.

And just overnight, an 18-year-old lost his life in Baytown when his alleged victims fought back, packing heat.

Let’s set the scene. It's the middle of the night, the alarm systems been triggered, you grab a handgun from the safe and bam! There you are face to face with an intruder. What do you do?

It might make 'would-be criminals' think twice about entering. If they think the folks on the other side of the door are packing. But is it ever a good idea to take matters into your own hands?

There has to be an easier and less lethal way. Right?