Caught on Camera: London jogger pushes woman into on-coming traffic, narrowly missing double-decker bus!

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LONDON, England - Talk about a real 'push-over!'

This London jogger is caught on closed-circuit camera pushing this unsuspecting pedestrian right into an on-coming double-decker bus going across the Putney Bridge!

The 33-year-old woman can be seen falling right into the roadway.....but thanks to a quick-reacting bus driver she was not actually hit and escaped with only minor injuries.

So....could this guy be a trained 007?

Or, could he be on a running mission to find 'Forrest Gump?'

Well, nobody knows for sure.

That's why London police hope to find the dude and get some answers.

One thing's for sure.....he's definitely not building any bridges with this poor woman!

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