Street flooding leaves drivers stranded in southwest Houston

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HOUSTON - Water coming into your car, the motor stalling; it's a scary thing to imagine. Unfortunately, many Houstonians experienced just that Tuesday morning due to heavy overnight rains that caused flooding.

At the Wilcrest and Bellfort intersection in southwest Houston, motorists tried to drive through high water areas. While some in lifted trucks were able to get through, others like Abdul Usmani weren't as lucky. His two sons were in the car with him when he got stuck in the road. Fortunately, Stephen Asumendi and his friend saw the family and came to the rescue.

"Honestly, I was a little upset because I saw a bunch of people just staring at them," Asumendi recalled. "I saw the two kids and the man, stranded. No one was helping them. I told my brother get close so I could get in the water to push them out."

After helping to tow the car to safe land, the men began working to make sure the car could run.

"They are angels right now," Usmani said of the helpers who fixed his car.

While there are many great stories of people helping those in need, remember to please be safe around high water and flood areas. If you see high water, it's best to not drive through, but turn around and find a safer route.

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