Australian cafe charges ‘man tax,’ Chinese restaurant offers women bra-size discounts

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HOUSTON — Heads up to any man traveling to Australia. As you're going for a walk-about down under in search of a good café, the Handsome Her is serving up a side of gender equality.

Check out the house rules: first, women have priority seating. And get this, men will be charged 18% more for their food in order to reflect the pay gap between males and females.

In Australia, men earn an average 17.7% more than women for full-time work.  Some of the Aussies are complaining, but people are still coughing up the extra cash.  Maybe because the café isn't pocketing the 'man tax.' It's donating it to women's charities.

Meanwhile, residents are having a difficult time swallowing the Trendy Shrimp restaurant's newest promotion in the Zhejiang province of China. The management is offering  discounts based on cup size. As in, women's bra cup size.  Yes, the bigger the size, the bigger the discount.

Many found the ads with women lined up in their underwear discriminatory. Along with the slogan: "The whole city is looking for breasts."

Foodies may have a tough time chewing on all of this!

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