Critter News: Attacking squirrel, pandas on parade and ‘RIP’ Snooty the manatee

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NEW YORK — Things are getting pretty "squirrelly" in The Big Apple!

That's because at least five people have been attacked by an overly-aggressive squirrel.

"I wouldn't feed it any nuts," one New Yorker laughed.

"I think that's very crazy, and what do we do about that?" a lady asked. "Because it's a park, and we can't kill all the squirrels."

New Yorkers can deal with muggers, but how about a nasty squirrel?

"You are in the park, you know, it is wildlife still out here," area resident Christopher Williams declared.

New York Health Department officials just hope the aggressive critter doesn't have rabies!

Does it get any cuter than these baby pandas on parade in China?

These panda cubs are enjoying 'school' at the China Conservation and Research Center for the giant panda.

This is where pandas go to kindergarten.

And their play time includes snack time, too.

Now, that's a real 'panda express!'

Meanwhile, two dogs walk into a hospital— no, seriously!

Closed circuit cameras caught these two pooches walking through the front door and taking their own tour.

Staff spotted the critters and actually offered them some water and a little kindness.

No, they were just returned to their owner.

Guess the pups just wanted to cool off!

And check out this monkey business!

The summer heatwave has Kansas City Zoo workers helping chimps cool off with water bottles and popsicles.

These chimps can't seem to get enough of this fun!

Yep, it's monkey-see, monkey-do.

Finally....folks in Florida are mourning the loss of 'Snooty the manatee.'

"It's such a tragic accident," Manatee County resident Carol Whitmore said. "We are all just devastated by it."

Snooty was the oldest manatee in captivity and died just one day after his 69th birthday!

"I got to see him every day and teach kids about him, and I got very attached to him," South Florida Museum worker Kassandra Moore shared. "It breaks my heart that he is gone."

Rest in peace, Snooty.

You'll never be forgotten!

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