Electric car sales down from last year ahead of highly-anticipated release of Tesla Model 3

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HOUSTON β€” Ahead of the highly-anticipated and cheaper Model Three of Tesla's sedan hitting the US market soon, overall, electric car sales are down from last year, according to a new analysis from Bloomberg News.

But at the Classic Chevrolet dealership in Sugarland, their electric cars are actually selling at record rates.

"Sales are great on the electric car. When the Bolts came out, we were the first ones to have one and the first ones to sell one in Texas. Actually in the month of July, we sold eight Bolts, and we are currently the number one Bolt dealer in the state of Texas," Brandon Sine, general sales manager said.

Most people said they could rally around the idea of buying an electric car, just not quite yet.

"My son is in fossil fuels, he's a petroleum engineer. But my other son is a huge Tesla fan and so I'm having qualms about which way to go. But I think electric cars are the future so I would absolutely consider getting one in the future," LeaAnn Murphree said.

"If it could get completely across Houston both ways, then I might consider it. But the price would also have to go down, it's very expensive," Beatrice Molvo said.

Molvo adds driving a smaller, non-SUV in Houston is not something she'd be up for.

"I don't feel very safe with those. I see some of the very small, green cars? Oh my god, they look like they could fit into my car," Molvo said.

Maybe the time to switch from regular ole gasoline to electric hasn't quite convinced conservative car-buyers just yet. And if the demand isn't there, how will they do it?

Seems like car companies have a few more things to figure out.

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