Google worker fired for sending controversial memo claiming women can’t cut it in tech 

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — If you've never heard of a guy named James Damore, just Google him.

He's the former Google engineer who wrote an internal memo blasting the tech giant's diversity policies.  Damore's lengthy manifesto claims women aren't biologically competent for tech jobs or leadership positions.

The Google bosses thought he crossed a line, especially after the memo was leaked to the public and caused a firestorm across Silicon Valley.

Damore accuses the web company of silencing conservative political views. He said he was canned for, "perpetuating gender stereotypes."  Ironically, the company prides itself on freedom of expression.

Prior to the memo mess, Google was already fending off a lawsuit from the U.S. Department of Labor alleging systemic discrimination against women.  A recent demographic report says 69% of its workforce and 80% of it's technical staff are male.

Damore said he may take legal action. He's probably already Googled the name of a good lawyer.

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