Millennials, show beer some love! Brewery sales drop as youngsters reach for wine, weed

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HOUSTON — Those darn millennials— they're to blame for everything!

First, their overindulgence of avocado toast leads to a global avocado shortage. And now, their obsession with wine and weed could be leading to the decline of the beer industry.

“I’m seeing more and more younger, especially women, take an interest in women. Seventy percent of our clientele are women and the younger women especially are getting more involved with wine and wanting to learn about wine,” Dwayne Harrison, owner of Memorial Wine Cellar said.

A report obtained from CNBC shows that several beer company stocks have declined over the last few years and some believe that has a lot to do with younger people shifting away from beer, and instead making a bee-line for the wine and the mary jane.

“If I’m with the boys, I’m definitely drinking beer. Wine, for Game of Thrones, red wine specifically. Beer is more for a casual, social drinking scene and wine is more for a one-on-one type scenario or just chillin,” Casey Brown said.

“I think women in general like wine more. Rose has gained a lot of popularity recently. My fiance definitely prefers wine and she’s got me hooked. But guys just love the beer, it’s just more of a beer mentality with the guys,” Kolton Koether said.

So maybe your drink of choice boils down to what type of vibe you're going for. Until beer companies figure out how to incorporate buds into their brews, beer may have found its new frenemy!

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