MTV star linked to trigger man in shark abuse video; death threats and outrage follow

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MIAMI — It's a sad story with a lot of teeth— and it just keeps on biting!

The latest shark abuse video, which shows a man shooting a hammerhead shark multiple times in the gills while laughing as it bleeds to death in the saltwater, has sparked more than just an investigation from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Animal rights activists are calling for an all-out boycott of the new MTV show 'Siesta Key' since its star has been allegedly identified as the smiling, shark-shooting culprit.

Alex Kompothecras, a.k.a. Alex Kompo on Instagram, reportedly deleted the image from his social media. It shows the star posing with a dead hammerhead shark while wearing the same garb as in the viral video.

A screening party for the MTV show was canceled after Kompothecras reportedly received death threats. Kompothecras told People magazine that "there are images of me and I feel horrible. I am embarrassed, and it won't happen again."

The outrage over the smiling torture of that shark is not easily washed away, however.

That's not the only wrong biting back at the self-described 'fishing fanatic.' He also admitted in an online post that he was friends with one of the men in Florida's other outrageous shark torture video!

That video shows a shark being dragged from a speed boat.

Tempers are so incensed over that video that a Sarasota CPA firm owner Bob Wenzel, who was mistakenly thought to be one of the culprits, has received constant death threats.

"And they have money on your head. You piece of (bleep), all right?" one of the nasty phone messages said.

"I'm not related in any way to the families involved. I do not know them," Wenzel insisted to a local reporter.

A lawyer for the actual men in the video claims the shark being dragged was already dead, but animal rights activists say you can clearly see the shark is not stiff, and therefore, it's alive and suffering!

"I am so unhappy," local charter boat captain Wayne Genthner said. "It's given our region a black eye!"

It's just hard to imagine how anyone could enjoy seeing a helpless living creature suffer.

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