Netflix deals with company shake-ups and triumphs as Disney announces end of deal

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On the heels of a $6 billion  investment into original content earlier in the year, Netflix, the well-known video on demand platform, is viciously out-performing rivals.

This week's headlines reveal some company shake-ups and triumphs, the first being their split with Disney. After having exclusive streaming contract, Disney has announced that they will be pulling all programs and launching their own streaming platform.

Despite the Disney departure, Netflix is still sailing right along, announcing the acquisition of Millarworld publishing, the comic book creator behind movies like “Kingsmen,” “Captain America,” and “Wanted” with Angelina Jolie.

Reports show the platform added 5 million subscribers in the latest quarter report, and the streaming giant has a whopping 103 million worldwide subscribers.

Just think if you added in all the millennials who share accounts. Quickly building a reputation for breathing life back into retired characters like DJ Tanner, Netflix has inked a deal with former late night host David Letterman to create a new "long-form interview" series.  We wonder if he'll bring the retirement beard with him.

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