Proceeds from lemonade stand help children buy supplies for the school year

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RALEIGH, N. C. -- Cheers to finding a sweet spot in a sour situation! Eleven-year-old Aniya Williams and 12-year-old Isaiah Latimer are spending their last days of summer break selling lemonade from this tent for supplies and clothes for the upcoming school year.

Growing up in southeast Raleigh, North Carolina where most residents live at or below the poverty line, these budding entrepreneurs are learning to be self-sufficient at an early age with help from the community.

Looking to make a bigger impact in their community, last week, Aniya and Isaiah competed at the United Way's Innovation Challenge, a contest designed to "create practical solutions" for poverty in low-income communities. This duo is looking to keep profits flowing as cooler temps set in, and have made plans to sell hot chocolate to passersby.

Having such a proactive attitude like this at such a young age, it’s safe to say their futures will surely be as bright as the lemons they sell!

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