Fort Bend County deputy scores a better community relationship in pickup basketball game with teens

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FORT BEND COUNTY - A deputy with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office is being praised for his dedication to serving his community in an unconventional way; playing basketball.

Aaron Smith Jr. says he was inside his Fort Bend County home with his wife Tiffany, when they got some surprising news. "My daughter came and told us that the police were outside," said Smith Jr. "I knew my son and his friends were outside, so I was like uh-oh is everything ok?" They went outside to check, but instead of finding an officer in the middle of an investigation, they found Deputy Pete Torres shooting some hoops with their son.

Torres took the time to play a little pickup game with Smith's son and his friends. "I went into a cul-de-sac and observed three kids playing basketball," said Torres. "I figured I'd play basketball with them and make it two-on-two."

"He said who wants to get hooped up?" said Aaron Smith III. "That's the first thing he said."

The game was so much fun that Deputy Torres came back the next day and played with some more kids from the neighborhood. This time, Tiffany streamed the game on Facebook.

Torres says its the little things like picking up a basketball and shooting some hoops with kids that make a difference in the community's relationship with law enforcement. "I like to do community policing and be a positive role model for kids who may not have that kind of role model in their life," said Torres.

"That's exactly what the community needs," said Smith Jr. "Officers that actually interact in the community and not just when things happen show up."

I may have just been a small gesture, but it's already had an impact on Smith's son. "I think it's a good story that shows all cops aren't bad." said Smith III. "We do have some good cops."