Houston company offers to search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370

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HOUSTON —  It’s been more than three year since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean, and we’re no closer to solving the mystery of what happened to the plane or its 227 passengers and 12 crew members.

However, a Houston-based company wants to help bring closure to the families of those who were on board the fateful flight.

Ocean Infinity uses autonomous surface and underwater vehicles to map the ocean floor. The company has sent an offer to the Malaysian government offering to use its technology to search for the plane’s wreckage. Ocean Infinity wouldn’t give any details of the offer, but its public relations firm sent NewsFix the following statement.

“The terms of the offer are confidential, but Ocean Infinity have offered to take on the economic risk of a renewed search.  We’re in a constructive dialogue with the relevant authorities and are hopeful that the offer will be accepted.”

-Celicourt Communications on behalf of Ocean Infinity

Voice 370, a support group for family members of those who were on the plane, says under the offer from Ocean Infinity the Malaysian government would only only have to pay if the company is successful in its search. The group is asking why the offer hasn’t been accepted yet, calling it a win-win for both sides.

Voice 370 has been pleading for a new search ever since Malaysia, Australia, and China called theirs off in January after nearly three years and more than 46,000 square miles of ocean searched. However, even if Malaysia ultimately accepts the offer, there’s no guarantee that family members will ever get the closure they so desperately want.