Live, in-person, legal poker club opens on Post Oak near Galleria

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HOUSTON - Shuffle up and deal.

Houstonians, you've now got a place within the city limits, to play live, in-person poker-- legally.

The Post Oak Poker Club, located right in the heart of the Galleria at 1801 Post Oak, opened its doors last week.

“We are a members only, private club and that’s what allows us to do what we do,” co-owner Bill Heuer said. “Because the house doesn’t make any profit from the game directly, we’re able to operate. The money that the players bring in and wager on the table, stays within the players. We never touch any of that money.”

Interested patrons, age 21 and up, can pay an hourly, daily or monthly membership fee to play a variety of poker games, eat, smoke a cigar and right now, the establishment is BYOB.

Heuer said the club is working on getting its TABC license.

Membership rates range from $15 daily to $150 monthly, or $7.50 per half hour for a chair rental. Members also have the options of renting a table for private events.

Heuer said the club is different from your typical casino-setting gambling.

“Casino’s are more of a gambling-gaming experience with games like blackjack, roulette, craps, slot machines-- we can’t compete with those games, nor do we want to. Poker is a different animal altogether,” Heuer said.

With the state's strict laws on gambling, the grand opening didn't debut without some pushback.

But Heuer said, you just need to see it to get it.

“From the state to local to law enforcement officials, we’ve talked to everybody and nobody has been able to say that what we’re doing is illegal,” Heuer said.

The Post Oak Poker Club is open seven days a week.

Monday-Friday 5pm-2am

Saturday 11am-2am

Sunday Noon-midnight