Don’t miss out on Texas’ Tax Free Weekend 2017

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HOUSTON — Who's ready to go back to school shopping? During this weekend, it's tax free!

It's year 19 for the shopping gimmick, so run don't walk to the closest participating retailer. Fight those overcrowded isles for your chance to pick up items that are most likely out of stock. And wait in lines for hours just to save eight cents for every dollar. It's got to be worth it,  right?

Get pencils, paper, scissors, and glue. Get erasers, shoes, and backpacks too. Can you feel the excitement? It's all tax free!

Basically, spend a hundred bucks and save eight dollars. Who doesn't like saving money? Of course, you probably spend more than that in gas just looking for a place to park.

Happy shopping everybody and remember, it's all tax free!