‘Dumb and Dumber’ van replica sells for $20K in Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Wanna own your own Dumb and Dumber van?

Well sorry, you're all out of luck!

No, we're not telling you there's a chance.

A replica of the iconic "Dumb" vehicle just sold for $20,000 in Kansas City.

And it looks just like the original Mutt Cutts van from the movie!

The lifelong fan who bought the one-of-a-kind ride is ecstatic, and now he can't wait to show off his wheels to folks back in Minnesota!

"If they want to take pictures with it, I hope they want to take a ride in it, and I hope it puts a smile on their face more than anything, you know, that's just what the movie's all about,"  Jake Downs, the buyer of the Shaggin' Waggon, shared.

But the designer of this Dumb-mobile says it's hard to let it go.

Still,  he's got other show-stoppers already sitting in his garage, like this beauty-- the Ecto-1 Ghostbusters station-wagon!

And if he ever has the notion to go "Back to the Future," this DeLorean time machine might come in handy!

Of course, it's still hard to beat a tail-waggin' ride in the Shaggin' Wagon!