Infant tied in trash bag, left outside for three days, survives 

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ELMIRA, N.Y. — After spending three days in the elements, a newborn baby girl manages to survive being tied in a trash bag and abandoned on a street in Elmira, New York.

Found by Kayla Seals, she described the eight-month-old baby girl as "barely breathing."  Shocked, Kayla and her sister Karen quickly went to the baby's aide and called authorities.

Elmira authorities are guarded with the details, only releasing that the baby was found " dehydrated."

Hospitalized in stable condition, she is expected to survive.

Soon after finding the infant, police arrested Harriette M. Hoyt, 17,  in connection to the case after bloody footprints led them to her door. She and a man found inside the apartment could face second-degree attempted murder charges.

Police are not disclosing the suspect's relationship to the baby as details are still emerging. Hopefully, after such a tragic start, this baby fully recovers and  finds a loving home.