O.J. Simpson’s infamous white Ford Bronco is for sale

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Just when you thought it was safe to go for a little drive, guess what may be coming to a freeway near you?

Yep, after 22 years of being stashed away, the most famous white Ford Bronco on the planet is about to hit the auction block.

The infamous slow-speed Bronco chase from the summer of '94 with O.J. Simpson threatening to commit suicide in the back seat, and O.J.'s friend, A.C. Cowlings, behind the wheel-- still remains the most watched "car chase" in television history!

There have been documentaries made about the white Bronco chase.

Now the vehicle is being rolled out, reportedly in mint condition.

The notorious SUV's current owner, O.J.'s former agent, says he won't take anything less than $500,000 for the Bronco.

He claims he wants the money to give to his own kids.

And now he's taken the vehicle to the guys at "Pawn Stars" to see if they can make it move.

But if the Bronco sells on "Pawn Stars," it will be a record sale since the highest-priced item ever to sell on the show so far were some gold bars valued at $128,000.

Of course, whoever ends up buying the Bronco might want to remember that O.J. himself is set to be released from prison in early October.

And since the Bronco used to belong to "The Juice," whose to say O.J. won't come looking for his stuff? After all, look what happened the last time O.J. did that-- it wasn't pretty.

Just sayin'!