Poll reveals more cheaters are cat-owners instead of dog owners

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Do you consider yourself more of a dog or a cat person?

The kind of animal you own may be a telltale sign of your personality, but what about the way you act in relationships?

According to a poll of members from cheating website illicitencounters.com, cats-owners are the most likely to cheat on their partners.

The UK site surveyed about 1,000 of their unfaithful customers and 26% of them are cat owners!

After cats, "cheaters" prefer as pet s-- rabbits, snakes and reptiles, rats and mice, and fish.

Good news for all you dog-lovers, apparently you're the most loyal-- just like your canine friend! Only 7% of the cheaters polled said they own a furry pooch.

Maybe a dog's loyalty remains true to its reputation.