Unwelcome to the neighborhood: California family gets racist note on door after moving to a new apartment

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NATOMAS, Calif. - A family in California got quite the unwelcoming message after moving into a new apartment complex in a Sacramento suburb. Tony McElveen says he found a hate note taped to the family's front door.

Originally, he thought someone was just playing a prank on him, but nothing that was inside the letter was remotely funny. It contained things like "your wife looks just like an ape," and "the husband looks exactly like a gorilla."

Those are just a few of the tamer parts of the letter, which was significantly worse. It ended by telling the family to "go home black [expletive], you don't belong."

After reading the note, McElveen called the police and stayed up all night to keep watch over his wife and daughter. "Just based on the context of the letter, it was like somebody was observing me, or observing us," said McElveen.

The next day cops went door to door at the apartment complex to talk to neighbors about the letter. However, even if they would have been able to somehow figure out who was responsible for it, cops wouldn't be able to do much about it. That's because the letter is only hate speech, and not a hate crime.

Still, the family hopes that the presence of the police will be enough to shut up whomever felt it necessary to write such hateful things.